metric TC4 titanium alloy general washer 1 pcs


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Thread Type: metric       Material: TC4 titanium alloy       Fastener washer type: general washer      

Advantages of Titanium Fasteners

        Titanium (Ti) is a highly corrosive element with properties that make it the perfect element to produce fasteners. These fasteners hold their own huge set of benefits and advantages.Some of the most appealing advantages of titanium fasteners include:

        These metal parts are typically maintenance free

        Titanium’s oxide layer protects the fasteners from corrosion

        These parts are cost-efficient

        Titanium fasteners are lighter in weight than steel fasteners

        They are extremely strong, durable, and sturdy

        These components can withstand high temperatures

        These parts are biocompatible and non-toxic so it won’t cause any harm to a human’s or animal’s body

        Titanium can be combined with other metals such as steel, aluminum, manganese, etc. to create an alloy and gain even more advantages

Thanks to these advantages, titanium fasteners are used in numerous different industries. Some specific industries that use this metal component include: aerospace, automotive, chemical, paper, pulp, architectural, consumer, marine, medical, and various other industries.

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