1. Shipping time:
DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX --- 3-7 days.
Epacket and others posting service --- 5-20 days.
SF-express, EMS --- 5-15 days.
Ocean Freight To Door --- 40-60 days.
Some countries like Brazil, Russia will be even slower

2. Custom tax: You don't need to pay custom tax if you use some shipping way like : Ocean Freight To Door(tax free). For other shipping ways, it's possible that you will be charged custom tax when you receive parcel.

3. Custom problem: We will try to cooperate with you to solve the custom problem. However, we are not responsible for custom problem include custom tax.

4. Shipping returning:If you use DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, ARAMEX, If shipping company fail to deliver, returning will need a huge returning fee. We will destory the parcel in this case. Only posting service is free to return when fail to deliver.

5. Shipping Insurance: Default no shipping insurance. If the shipping company lose the parcel, we will try to get compensate for you, but not promise.

6. Shipping damage: If you find the the parcel is broken when you are receiving the parcel. Please ask the shipping company to give you a document to proof that. We will handle it with shipping company with your proof.